The latest bug on Whatsapp’s platform that gave access to hackers to take over users’ applications on answering an incoming Whatsapp video call has been fixed according to the announcement made by Facebook’s messenger app on Wednesday.

Technology websites ZDnet and The Register has previously reported that the vulnerability affecting Whatsapp on Android and Apple phones had been spotted in late August and was fixed in early October, after which Whatsapp made its announcement.

In an email statement to Reuters, Whatsapp assured that as a routine its security researchers all across the world ensure the app remains safe and reliable and the bug in the latest Whatsapp version was promptly resolved.

There is no concrete proof that hackers exploited the vulnerability to cause harm according to a Whatsapp employee familiar with the issue.

Furthermore, according to a Google spokesman, under the company’s knowledge the bug has not been used in an attack before getting fixed.

However, a researcher at Google Project Zero which discovered the bug in the first place, Travis Ormandy informed that the bug is a “big deal” as just a ++answering a call from an attacker had the potential to completely compromise Whatsapp.

With 1.2 billion users globally, Whatsapp has become a crucial tool for communication and commerce in many nations worldwide and was acquired for $19 billion by Facebook in 2014.

Facebook itself has been suffering a significant security- related issues since last year including its disclosure about the worst ever security breach it faced affecting 50 million accounts.

On Wednesday, the shares of Facebook saw a decline by 1.2% at $155.94.

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