Facebook released a new app called Lasso as a competition to the TikTok app which is owned by China’s ByteDance and was launched in 2016. Lasso creates short videos of 15- seconds each on a smartphone and can be shared over the app. According to the company’s statement, the app has currently been launched only in the US for iOS and Android users and the feedback from the users is still awaited by the company.

The functions of the app are very similar to TikTok and include endless stream of video clips, the option to follow other creators and discover new content under popular hashtags. The licensed songs from Facebook’s library can be paired with the videos that are being created by the user.

Though Lasso is a standalone app, it can be accessed via the Facebook or Instagram account of the user. The videos created on Lasso can eventually be shared on both Facebook and Instagram stories feature.

Tiktok has gained immense popularity exceeding the number of downloads of Facebook and Instagram especially after ByteDance bought Musical.ly; another short video social media app for roughly $1 billion and integrated the services of both the apps.

Lasso lacks privacy currently as the videos shared on the app are public.


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