While most tech companies are transitioning on to ‘dark modes’ for their softwares; Microsoft has decided to head in the completely opposite direction by introducing a new “light theme” for its Windows 10 through preview build 18282 on Thursday. The new “light mode”, adds more white and bright grey colors swapping out the black borders.

According to Microsoft’s blogpost regarding the preview release, the already available light mode on Windows 10 doesn’t transition all colors across the desktop interface. Having heard requests for a more apparent distinction between the already available light and dark modes, the company has introduced this option where if the user chooses Light under Settings> Personalization > Colors,  all system UI that include the task bar, action Center, touch keyboard, Start menu and more will turn light.

Certain icons such as the OneDrive icon in the notification area or the system tray is already white which will camouflage if the light mode is chosen, however the company will refine the experience it added in the blogpost.

Finally, a registration through Microsoft’s website is essential to get access to the preview build; however the company’s preview releases may have bugs.


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