The rumors that Spotify was testing an Apple Watch App were indeed true as Spotify has officially launched an app which will enable its users who have an Apple watch to control music- streaming service through the watch instead of having to use the phone again and again to use the app functions.

Spotify’s blog post elaborated on how using the functions of the app is as easy as checking your notifications now. The company informed that in order to access the app the users need to download the latest version of Spotify’s iOS app and that it will roll out the app over the next week.

Apart from shuffling songs in your music archive and easily accessing tracks that have been played recently, the app also allows you to save anything you discover on the app that you might be interested in by simply pressing the heart icon that will surface on the app watch’s screen.

Controlling podcasts, rewinding directly from the watch, connecting the app to Wi- Fi enabled speakers and other devices are some of the other functions of the app.

The apparent disadvantage of the app is its inability to operate when the user is offline; however the company informed that work on the feature is in the pipeline.


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