Free VPN: Google’s Project Fi to offer for your Phone

Google’s Project Fi cellular services will bring with it the perk of free VPN for its customers later this week, which will encrypt the entire internet traffic over Wi- Fi and cellular networks through the Project Fi phones.

The free VPN will route the device’s traffic through a private server (Google) ultimately cloaking your phone’s internet traffic from the internet service provider or any other prying eyes present on the network.

The company has informed that the user’s internet traffic will not be attached to the respective Google account or phone number; in its blog post. The product manager of Project Fi, Dak Chak added that they have reduced the time without a working connection by up to 40% in their testing. The VPN service will effortlessly encrypt the user’s connection even when the user moves between networks and promises to be fast. The protection will continue even in weaker Wi- Fi connection and as it will do so, it will automatically switch on to a stronger cellular network.

The VPN service will use up data 10% more and will use the cellular networks from Sprint, US Cellular and T- Mobile.  For phones compatible with Project Fi running the latest version of the OS Android Pie, the new feature will surface as a software update. The Project Fi app’s “Fi Network Tools” needs to be accessed to enable the function.


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