New York City has been seriously preparing its five boroughs to adapt to a high-tech future. In order to better prepare the most populous city in the US, a program called NYCx has been announced. NYCx will aim at concentrating on upcoming innovations such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and 5G connectivity. It will also focus on promoting sustainability and equitability in the city. NYCx will attempt to deal in exploratory challenges that will encourage businessmen to grapple with the city’s gravest problems. Anyone can apply for it.

New York is also planning to hire a senior futurist who will help the city in collecting information and insights into probable economic, environmental and cultural changes that lie ahead. According to futurists, good predictions can save cities and countries up to billions of dollars; visionary policies and programs can be highly impactful for over 40 years.

Successful business tycoons such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are considered to be futurists. In fact, most of their companies’ strategies and plans are formed based on a futuristic agenda and a forward-looking philosophy.

New York’s futuristic planning will be proactive and not reactive. According to Miguel Gamiño, New York City’s Chief Technology Officer, engineers can either make a lot of money by building things that are trivial, or they can build things that would significantly benefit the lives of other people.

Gamiño, a former entrepreneur in the voice-over-IP space, has assumed tech roles in Texas, El Paso, San Francisco and now in New York too. According to him, ‘the only thing constant is the increasing pace of change’.

According to Michael Samuelian, President of the Trust for Governors Island, Governors Island has Wi-Fi connectivity and cell service of uneven quality. One of the first challenges is to convert Governors Island’s 172 acres into a haven for trying broadband connectivity. Three finalists will be given a sum of $25,000.

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