Usually, when a company’s leading smartphone fails to meet expectations, there is a rolling out of special models.The special models could also involve a slight change or addition to the colour range of an existing smartphone model right before the start of the next financial quarter, which will enable a transient surge in interest leading to more sales of the product that needs to be revived.Apple and Samsung have done just that with the launch of a red edition, which will get added to their 2018 smartphone portfolios.

Samsung has released a burgundy red edition of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which are already available in the market in many colours. The red edition is to target the Indian market by creating an “exclusive” version of the product. According to Aditya Babbar, General Manager, Samsung India, a year post its launch, Galaxy 8 remains a bestseller. The red edition of the smartphone will attract customers, and it will enable them to exhibit their very own sense of style.

The Product (Red) branding is something that has been adopted by Cupertino for several years, which also makes it expected in the market. This comes as a slight advantage to Apple. However, Apple’s iPhone 7 was the first in the iPhone range to adopt the Product (Red) treatment. According to a report by Forbes’ David Phelan, as the new iPhones have glass backs and not aluminium, a completely new iPhone design has hit the market with the Product (Red) edition, which has additionally incorporated a new design approach.Even though the aluminium edge band looks very similar to the iPhone 7, the new iPhone looks strikingly very different. In the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, there is no antenna band at the corners.

Considering the fact that iPhone sales in the first quarter were below expectations, the start of the second quarter with the new colour will only help to maximise the iPhone sales.One might wonder why only the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are incorporating the Product (Red) treatment. Clearly, the company’s PR team intends to maximise the number of stories in the market, which will eventually the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus back into the big picture. iPhone X could adopt the new colour scheme, but perhaps in the third quarter as it anyway has a gold version lined up.

Both he smartphone giants are aiming to change the atmosphere surrounding their top phones. Samsung, with the debut of the red colour, intends to target the Indian market by creating an insatiable hunger for Samsung’s new status symbol, which will bring the older handset back into the fray at an attractive price.Apple, too, will do everything to recover from the sad sales at the opening of 2018. Only time will tell if the company, too, will adopt the desirable Product (red) branding too boost the second quarter sales or not.


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