According to a report by The Information, Google has been working on a gaming streaming service that is based on subscription and is delivered through a new gaming console by Google or Google’s Chromecast devices.

With a codename “Yeti,” the service would draw similarities to other streaming services such as PlayStation Now. Users would have to pay up a subscription fee in order to access the game collection that is streamed over the internet and operated on a remote device. According to The Information, “an early version” of the service was developed to operate over a Chromecast.

Quite recently, reportedly, Google has begun to experiment with a game console and controller developed by the company itself. The project is being spearheaded by two Google hardware executives: Majd Bakar, VP of engineering, and Mario Queiroz, VP of product management.

Even though, game streaming eradicates the requirement to buy costly video game hardware as the game processing takes place in the cloud, the compromise is that this puts pressure on the internet provider’s infrastructure and service. Since, each and every button and video frame needs to be streamed over the internet with minimal retardation.

Google, anyway, is quite good at delivering a strong, speedy internet service. Thanks to sites such as YouTube, Google already has a great infrastructure for content delivery. Not to forget, the company has small standpoint with respect to gaming with the Google Play Games service focused on Android and also YouTube gaming.

Reportedly, Google had thought of launching this new service during the Holiday 2017 season as it, anyway, had been in progress for over two years. However, the project got delayed due to an unknown reason. This can’t be told with certainty if this project will get released as a lot of times Google has initiated and cancelled gaming projects in the past.

However, Google recently hired Phil Harrison, a man who worked in Microsoft’s Xbox division for three years and has spent nearly 15 years as an executive in Sony’s PlayStation division. Harrison is supposed to report to Rick Osterloh, Google’s SVP of Hardware, which hints at a probable gaming hardware project in progress.


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