On 12th July, 2018 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance was approved for a Seattle-based company EchoNous for the development of EchoNous Vein portable ultrasound for peripheral IV placements.It can be used to quickly find and access veins which are up to 5 centimeters deep inside in adults as well as children.

Peripheral IVs are challenging in minimal-invasive processes like chemotherapy illnesses or chronic diseases where first attempt to insert IV catheter fails in about 26 per cent of adults and 54 per cent of children.

The transducer probe is connected to Samsung tablet which is used to display and control the device with two simple on-screen buttons that enables to visualize the veins in the center of the display screen. This device is small, portable and adjusted to easily select the veins and guide in catheter placements where IV can be placed quickly with less re-insertions and failures.

Kevin Goodwin, the CEO of EchoNous stated that it is really critical to find the correct vein in patients who requires antibiotic treatments or infusions, so they designed EchoNous Vein device to provide quick and clear images to nurses for better patient care and HCAHPS scores. He added, they wanted to design an easy to use and portable device which can reduce the risks of vessel trauma and infections to the patients that leads to longer stays in hospitals and in turn higher treatment costs.

Nancy Moureau, RN and CEO of PICC Excellence, Inc. said that EchoNous Vein is a simple device to enhance the patient’s experience with two on-screen controls that allows nurses to easily identify the correct vein using ultrasound and see the images on the center of the display as inserting IVs is a complicated part for catheter placement.

Company’s Signostics brand and artificial intelligence driven bladder scanner, Uscan will together form platform for EchoNous brand.


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