Dante Labs’ Full Sequencing of the Genomes to Know More


Dante Labs, which has offices located in the Unites States and Europe, has collaborated with various laboratories across the world. With a price of €1,000 ($1,175) and below, Dante Labs provides the service of mapping a person’s complete genome by the use of latest sequencing technology. Compared to 23andMe, another genomics company, Dante Labs offers the Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), which in turn offers much more exhaustive results. In Europe, the WGS sells for €850 ($1,000) and an added benefit of WGS is the availability of summary report as well as full genome’s text-file copy. Another advantage of WGS is the option to consult other genome analysts.

The WGS kit is a medium-sized box that contains following items and information: a sampling kit, general instructions, and description of how to return the sample back to the Labs. At first, after spitting and massaging, the small vial needs to be filled with the person’s saliva. Next, the sample is blended with a buffer solution after which the vial is sealed and shipped. On receiving the sample, the Dante Labs’ team informs the person and begins the process of sequencing. A person may ponder the aspects of privacy and ethics associated with the WGS. To the person’s relief, Dante Labs adheres to crucial parameters such as the EU Data Protection Directive program, U.S. HIPAA regulations, and the EU-US Privacy Shield. Apart from that, the name, address, phone number, email ID, etc. are linked to an 8-digit number, which is used in all the corresponding reports as well as the final report. Apart from the privacy concerns, a person may feel apprehensive at the thought of a prospective fatal malady, costly medical procedures, complex genetic makeup, etc.

After waiting for a period of 8 months (less or more depending on the person’s location), the person receives a text file and a comprehensive Wellness and Longevity Report. The summary report may seem to be highly detailed; it will contain a lot of information with regards to the genome. Through clear instructions, the report informs the person about the nature of his genes and whether each of them will cause a particular condition or will they increase the probability of the condition. The report states the signals of risk, severity, treatability, etc. with respect to the findings. The report will state details spanning from the risk of baldness that the person has to the types of medications that person’s metabolism may not respond to. Although, the results of report will be based on the findings taken in the current time; this means that the findings may change with time.

It is important to note the intricacies that lie behind the sequencing of genomes and in deriving the implications from it. The nature and extent of research that surrounds genome findings may be in the emergent stage. However, it seems promising that the quality and accuracy of research will get better in the future.

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