According to reports, Facebook executives have been ordered by the company’s co- founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to use only Android smartphones after Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO publicly criticized Facebook in an interview. The reason however could also be Android’s greater market share world wise compared to that of iOS.

In Tim Cook’s interview with MSNBC, he had slammed Facebook publicly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal where personal and private data of millions of Facebook users was used without their permission. With reference to the scandal Cook said that Apple is not going to traffic its users’ personal life as privacy is a human right and civil liberty. Furthermore, on being asked about his course of action if he was in Facebook CEO’s position, he responded by saying, “I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

As a response to Cook’s criticism, Zuckerberg called his comments “extremely glib” and “not aligned with the truth”. He called companies that overcharge users convincing the very same people that they are their well wishers as a ridiculous act and added that everyone should refrain from getting ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

Whether or not the executives of Facebook followed up on the order as yet remains unclear. In reality the share of Android is in fact greater than that of iOS in the global market; however the timing of Zuckerberg’s order being right after Cook’s criticism makes the reason behind it arguable. In either case if the Facebook Android app is improved amid these circumstances it will ultimately benefit Android users worldwide.


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