One of the major issues faced by many Americans is that of package theft considering it is hard to prove it and rather time taking apart from the obvious loss of the package itself. Many people opt for Home Security Cameras to deal with the threat; however Comcast has announced that it has taken a step further in ensuring maximum security by its camera, the Xfinity indoor+ outdoor camera by providing it with artificial intelligence and the ability to record videos 24/7.

The AI enabled Comcast Camera functions to detect license plates by automatically zooming in on them to capture the number and records faces of the people on the front door saving footages for up to 10 days.

General Manager and SVP of Xfinity Services, Eric Schaefer explained that their engineers have used AI to create filter for People and Vehicles and soon will be adding a filter for pets to cut down the number of false- positives the camera ends up recording. He added that with the help of AI the camera swiftly identifies the significant moment to be captured.

This holiday season has already recorded 750 million packages delivered by UPS and a survey by Wakefield Research commissioned by Comcast discovered that one in four people are experiencing package thefts.

Only 31% of people out of the same survey actually own a security camera out of the 74% who believe that security cameras are a helpful tool in avoiding package theft.

At $199.95, Comcast offers you an Xfinity camera. Live video recording 24/7 will cost $9.95 per month after that.  Xfinity Home app offers recording intelligently and the camera offers live video feeds for real- time monitoring.



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