According to the 2018 release from the Unicode Consortium, ginger people will get their very own emoji finally. Software developers such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are going to start designing their own personalised designs and artwork in accordance with the guidance stated in the “fixed and final” official documentation of the Emoji 11.0. In the Unicode 11.0 standard, which is set to be released in June, around 157 new emoji will get added to the already existing 2,666.

A lot of different kinds of new emoji are underway this year, ranging from curly and blond heads to many superhero variations. Apart from that, there will be a significant addition to the fauna category; parrots, swans and peacocks will be added to the feathered options, whereas kangaroos, hippos, badgers, llamas and racoons will diversify the mammalian kingdom.

However, it is important to note that all the software vendors have been presented with only “samples” of the emoji. They are more than free to redesign their own set of emoji. The emoji standard is similar to an alphabet, and Apple interprets and represents these alphabets and the way every icon actually looks on the iPhone.

Just like Apple, Google calls the shots and decides how each and every emoji should look on the android systems and devices. Not just that, many Android phone manufacturers opt to design and develop their own customised emoji. That is probably how the 2017 cheeseburger emoji controversy came about.

Looking deeply into the new set of standard emoji, a lot has been added. From woozy to freezing cold to boiling hot, these emoji express an intense sense of discomfort and distress. In the dietary category, junk has, yet again, overpowered healthy eatables with the inclusion of bagels, moon cakes, and cupcakes. However, mango too has been added.

Interestingly, there has been some focus on science too; magnets, Petri dishes, lab coats, test tubes and safety googles have made their debut. Another point of focus has been hygiene; sponge, broom, soap and toilet paper have made their way into the 2018 emoji class.

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